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Please Read carefully 

  • All teams must nominate a team captain. This person will be the port of call for all matters.
  • Roster locked in before league play at 10 players. In special circumstances you can sub in a new player with league approval. All players must register on
  • The use of players not on the roster will result in a loss.
  • Games will be played weekly, times and dates will be at the agreement of the participating captains for those games. Communication will be via the Facebook group chat. 
  • To match up. Team captains will create their own chat lobby or perhaps discord chat and count down 3, 2, 1, go! And the search to match up commences. 
  • Home uniforms shall be light in colour and away uniforms darker in colour. 
  • No party fouls on game play - all is fair and exploits will be reviewed as they pop up. 
  • Streaming the games is highly encouraged and almost a prerequisite. Contact the commissioner for streaming help, it is stupidly simple! 
  • If a player lags out in the first 2 minutes, the game must be restarted! Any other lag outs are unfortunate and the game may be replayed only at the agreement of both captains through league commissioner arbitration. 
  • League MVP will be decided by team captain vote with the league commissioner vote counting for 2 votes. Co-MVP's will be awarded in the event of a tie. 
  • The winners will receive a prize yet to be determined.
  • Final scores and stat sheets must be submitted via screenshot to

I have kept the rules relatively simple for the first league season and the league will expand in 2018 and nail the rule-set down.

Any questions - 

Important Links

  • All stats kept at -
  • FB Group -