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Final Week Update

By Aaron Callaghan 


The Australia and New Zealand Green Release Pro-Am League wraps up this week before finals and the standings are below. It's certainly been a challenge running a league for the first time, especially with no private match making. 

The League will be back bigger and better in 2018, I've learned a lot and will make improvements. 

1. Something To Prove       29 Points         +79 Point Differential

2. EXE                                 25                     + 83 

3. Run The Trap                  22                    + 85

4. Oregon Cross                 17                     + 11

5. Team Lock Up                 15                     - 32 


The last match up this week see Something To Prove (STP) holding all the chips and Oregon Cross in charge of their own destiny needing a two - nil win to ensure their finals appearence. 

- Oregon Cross requires a 2-0 win

- Team Lock Up will secure a forfeit and move to 20 points, leap frogging Oregon Cross if they fail to beat STP 2-0 

League MVP awarded after League play concludes.


Finals Structure 

The finals will commence on the conclusion of week seven's games. 

- Single Elimination. Winner stays, loser goes home. 

- 1 v 4 and 2 v 3. 

- Best of three games series.