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Aus/NZ Pro-Am League Week 1-2

The Green Release NBA 2K Pro-Am Australian and New Zealand PS4 League kicked off last week, with 4 match up games in week, featuring a best of 3 series. The League will run for the duration of NBA 2K18's life cycle. 

'Run The Trap' sit atop the league table after cruising past 'Get Horsed 2K'. Run The Trap's big man play was too much for Get Horsed as o_Pencil and ||Conflicked|| controlled the game and the scoring load. 

Stream here - 


The second league matchup saw 'team EXE' take on 'Oregon Cross Squad', going to three games, team EXE came out on top with CruzIQ going 25/29 from the field over three games (read: Unconscious!). 

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Match up three saw 'Something To Prove', prove themselves too strong for 'Syrup Sandwiches' in three games. The_Ipoh carried the scoring load for Syrup Sandwiches at guard and averaged a touch over 11 assists per game and collected 2 MVP votes in a losing effort. Something To Prove had contributors all over the floor in a balanced team effort, propped up Baqqy__ averaging 17 assists per game! 

Unfortunately these games were not streamed for rebroadcast. 


The final match up for round one was a forfeit with Team Lock Up picking up bonus points there.


Week Two Action 

Exe moved past Syrup Sandwiches two games to nothing, with contributions all over the floor in a solid team effort, Jimboh picked up three votes. ShardsMcKenzie and theIPOH paced the scoring responsibilities for Syrup Sandwiches. 


Series two saw Something To Prove overcome Team Lock in two games and take the bonus point. For STP, Baqqy_ had 70 points across the two games and collected three MVP votes! Lockup AD paced Team Lockup with a solid showing at point guard. 



Oregon Cross have been on the wrong side of the schedule with a tough start to heir campaign and were defeated two nil in their series against Run The Trap. Despite Dancricket's strong showing of post moves and mid rage jump shooting, Run The Trap was still too good on the wings. 

Look for Oregon Cross to storm home and push for a finals berth. 


MVP Race 

After two weeks Baqqy_ is a clear leader in MVP voting. on six votes with Dancricket and Conflicted polling votes across both games. 

  1. Baqqy - 6 votes 
  2. Conflicted - 3
  3. Dancrcricket - 3 
  4. CruzIQ - 3 
  5. oPencil - 3 
  6. Lejon Brames - 3 
  7. Jimboh - 3 
  8. Splashing for Days - 3 


Points Table 

  1.  Run The Trap                  10 Points             + 75 Points Differential
  2.  Exe                                   9                         +38
  3. Something To Prove         9                          +21
  4. Team Lock Up                   5                          -12
  5. Get Horsed                       5                           -52
  6. Syrup Sandwiches            2                           -22
  7. Oregon Cross Squad        2                           -28