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Season 1 - Schedule


Week 1 

  • Exe vs Oregon Cross 
  • Syrup Sandwiches vs Greatness
  • Pink Bits vs Lock Up 
  • Run the Trap vs Get horsed 2K 

Week 2 

  • Syrup Sandwiches vs Exe 
  • Get Horsed vs Pink Bits 
  • Fear Greatness vs Lock Up 
  • Oregon Cross vs Run the Trap

Week 3 

  • Run The Trap vs Syrup Sandwiches 
  • Pinkbits vs Greatness 
  • Exe vs Lockup 
  • Get Horsed vs Oregon Cross

Week 4 

  • Lock Up vs Run the Trap
  • Oregon Cross vs Pink Bits 
  • Syrup Sandwiches vs Get Horsed 
  • Fear Greatness vs Exe 

Week 5

  • Run The Trap vs Fear Greatness 
  • Get horsed vs Lock Up 
  • Oregon Cross vs Syrup Sandwiches 
  • Exe vs Pink Bits 

Week 6 

  • Exe vs Run The Trap
  • Lock Up vs Oregon Cross
  • Fear Greatness vs Get horsed 
  • Pink Bits vs Syrup Sandwiches 

Week 7 

  • Oregon Cross vs Fear greatness
  • Get horsed vs Exe 
  • Run The Trap vs Pink Bits 
  • Syrup Sandwiches vs Lock Up 



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