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Podcast_003 is Up. The crew is in!

The Green Release NBA 2K Podcast is back for the third episode. 

I had the whole crew in talking NBA 2K18, Dirk Caster stopped by on (@Dirk_JDR  on Twitter), Dirk is a Call of Duty and NBA 2K commentator, Dirk has been very active in commentating and streaming NBA Pro-Am tournaments in conjunction with Ricco (@NoLimitRicco  on Twitter), Dirk and Ricco are very knowledgeable on the NBA 2K Pro-Am scene, joining us was two Pro-Am superstar players Jesse better known as @Champ2k_  and Rio otherwise known as @Driizzard on Twitter and we discussed all things NBA 2K18 and of course the NBa 2K League.

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