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Throwdown finish 2K17 with a $2700 winfall!

By Aaron Callaghan

$2700, $2700 … Team Throwdown collected $2700 in prize money playing online basketball. With scenes akin to Ron Shelton’s 1992 classic White Men Can’t Jump, where Billy Hoyle and Sidney Dean hit the mean streets of early 1990’s Los Angeles to hustle on the street basketball courts, Team Throwdown hustled hard to finish 2K17 on a high and collected $2700, playing and winning NBA 2K online Pro-Am tournaments although this time they didn’t have to give the money to the ‘Stucci Brothers’ and they can all dunk (read: throwdown)!


Not bad for playing basketball online.

Throwdown completed the first of their series wins by triumphing over ‘Team Greatness’ in the PS4 edition of the My Player Basketball Association (MPBA) online Pro-Am League Summer League, in the process collecting $1300 to the coffers. For Throwdown this MPBA League final win was special, iiNsaniTTy told The Green Release NBA 2K Basketball Blog - “We knew we had a lot to prove, both to ourselves and our competitive peers with not winning a major tournament or season in 2K17 … We knew going into both of the MPBA and WR season, that winning would give us the momentum and confidence needed to go into 2K18 in a great position”. Throwdown were as equally focused going into MPBA and WR Leagues as the NBA 2K Road To the All Star Pro-Am tournament which speaks volumes to the team mindset and environment within Throwdown, whilst Throwdown acknowledges they have their detractors or haters as iiNsaniTTy puts it, he remains confident in the team’s abilities to reach their goals and silence the outside chatter.


“Hopefully this is only the beginning of a magical run. 2K18 is our vengeance year”
— iiNsaniTTy, Team Throwdown co-founder

During Throwdown’s hot finals run through August and September the team made some crucial changes before finally settling on a line-up featuring two lock down defender, a sharp shooter, a playmaker and a slasher, this combination allowed Throwdown to smother opposition guards with a full court press and a balanced feel out on the court with an emphasis on fast pace and running out on steals and turnovers which Throwdown forced plenty of.


Hot on the heels of Throwdown’s MPBA tournament win, the team entered straight back in to an intense battle with in the WR League finals, prevailing 3 – 2 over ‘Another Level’ and similarly to the MPBA tournament collected $1400 prize money. When asked out the WR League finals iiNsaniTTy told The Green Release “Our toughest series was undoubedly the finals of the WR (league) against Another Level, they have a lot of chemistry and are a composed team full of skilled players at their respective positions”, iiNsaniTTy was quick to praise Another Level’s play and expects them to be at the top of the leaderboard next season. Although iiNsaniTTy praised Another Level’s team effort, he singled out their outstanding point guard and centre position play, giving special mention to Sherm’s decision making and the unique look King Drizzard gives ‘Another Level’ with his shooting glass cleaner (read: Thanks 2K). The Green Release asked iiNsaniTTy to shine some light on an up coming player, or perhaps simply a tough player who doesn’t get the attention they deserve, “@MaJes7ic_ .. After watching what he was able to acomplish in the XBOX MPBA against Space Jam and his former teammate Fab, he needs to be on everyone’s radar come 2K18 … I have nothing but the utmost respect for him and I look forward to him getting more exposure in 2K18”


With the NBA 2K eLeague at the front of everyone’s minds and the imminent release of NBA 2K18 team Throwdown will be looking to continue their recent run of hot form, remain prominent on the Pro-Am circuit and on the top of NBA eLeague managers draft boards! 


“We’re a family before anything else, no matter what happens. We’re all going to remain extremely close and support one another every step of the way”
— iiNsaniTTy

You can find Team Throwdown on Twitter @throwdown2k and Kris @iiNsaniTTy. 

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