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Introducing the 2K eLeague Podcast.

By Aaron Callaghan


Finally ... It's here the NBA 2K eLeague Podcast no one has been waiting for.

After countless hours of teaching myself how to create, record and edit a podcast including video for youtube, The Green Release Podcast is finally available for download on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, PodBean for Android users and of course you can watch it on YouTube.

The Green Release NBA 2K eLeague Blog sat down with Dirk and Ricco to talk all things NBA eLeague, all things Pro-Am and looked into our crystal ball on how the NBA eLeague might play out including the draft process. 

You can find the Podcast on iTunes, YouTube, Soundcloud and PodBean. 

Let me know if I should upload anywhere else. 



Shouts to Dirk and Ricco. 

@dirk_JDR on Twitter and 

@Nolimitricco on Twitter. 


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