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2K18 Screenshots and Ratings

By Aaron Callaghan 


No NBA 2K eLeague news is well ... good news??? .. There's just nothing eLeague happening so far this week, however 2K has been dropping official screenshots, player ratings and myGM and myLEAGUE reveals so The Green Release Basketball Blog took a look in to the teasers 2K released. 

Leave me a comment at the bottom, start the discussion, do you think the rookies are rated a touch too high? 

myGM screenshots 

More myGM screenshots with the 'Analytics Tool', interesting addition if you play myGM and the league based modes, it will be interesting to see how useful the tool is or if it will be a flashy inclusion that does nothing. 

The new Indiana Pacers jerseys look amazing! An understated style, solid improvement. 

The Dwight-bola virus rated 81 overall? Agree or is this about 80 points too high? 

Swaggy P, took the mid level exception and is chasing a ring in Oakland, 74 seems about right. 

Champions. Steph got his second ring, KD his first. Is it fair to say Durant is second only to LeBron right now or did he simply look good playing next to three all-stars? 

Hey Rook! 

Markelle Fultz and Lonzo Ball copped 80 overall. Does a couple of summer league games warrant an 80 overall? The Summer League is not the NBA. I think a 78 would have been fairer for both. 

Derrick Rose striving to get back to his former MVP days after a string of leg injuries. 78 OVR is a fall from grace from the former Bull star however playing next to the King will give him more floor space and opportunities. 

Thanks for reading, also let me know if the Twitter images don't load, I'm attempting to resolve the issue.