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By Aaron Callaghan 


Want to get noticed ahead of the eLeague draft?

Twitter, Twitter and Pro-Am Leagues! 

Get a Twitter account, start grinding on Twitch and find a Pro-Am League Team! 

The Green Release NBA 2K Blog decided to breakdown who the community looks up to as influencers in the NBA 2K Pro-Am scene. Some members of the 2K Pro-Am community are saying the draft is going to be a popularity contest. Maybe .. Maybe .. But you've got to be able to play as well! Oh and the virtual combine of course, combine stand outs get drafted in the real NBA (read: Joe Alexander). So with that in mind and looking to Twitter, let's look at  a few Twitter accounts you need to follow, I doubt you'll get a follow back but it's definitely worth your while being in their periphery. Twitch is self explanatory and I chose not to go into it due to the prohibitive set up costs to start, however content is king! People want quality of production and they want to be entertained. 

Pro-Am league play is vital to establishing yourself as a highly regarded NBA 2K player. It goes without saying that Pro-Am league play best translates to the NBA 2K eLeague, to be successful in the league play teams and players must exhibit the fundamental attributes necessary to win at the high level, for example unselfish play, making the right decisions on defence, making shots and protecting the paint, eLeague teams are not looking for self-professed 'Dribble Gods'  as The Dallas Mavericks Manager of eSports told

"I look for quality teammates and heavily focus on overall team communication. Obviously, skill is a factor, but I want to see someone who never takes plays off. Shooting isn’t particularly hard in 2k17. The real question is can you play defense and change the pace of the game regardless of where you are on the court."

Some of the best leagues around are: 



1. Brendan Donohue

You can find Brendan on Twitter @BDeagles 

Brendan is the big wheel down at the eLeague headquarters, he's the Managing director of the NBA e-League.


2. The 2K Twitter Mafia

The 2K Games staff are highly visible and active on Twitter and excel at engaging with the 2K community. 

  • - @Ronnie2K  - Ronnie2K head hype-man at 2K, 
  •  @JersDaCurse - Jason Sapida Gameplay Producer,
  •  @JaoSming - NBA2K TV Producer,
  •  @2Kstauff - Mike Stauffer - Player ratings and rosters,
  •  @CHoops4Life - Zach Zimmerman - 2K Producer. 
  •  @NBA2K - Official company account,
  •  @Beluba - Mike Wang Gameplay Director
  • @LD2K - Chris Manning - Community Manager 



3. Anthony Muraco

You can find Anthony on Twitter @AnthonyMuraco 

Anthony is the Dallas Mavericks eSports Manager, he's quite active on Twitter and by the looks of his Twitter feed is an active gamer. A recent tweet from Anthony could prove interesting to aspiring e-League draft participants when details filter out. Update: The guys at recently squeezed some information from Anthony and I find it interesting that he's using Twitch specifically to develop a mock draft board. You can find the interview here - 


4. Josh Barney

You can find Josh on Twitter @Sprtakuz

Josh is the director of eSports and Technology for the Utah Jazz, also worth following the Utah Jazz official gaming account @utahjazzgaming


5. Adam Rubin

You can find Adam on Twitter @AdamRubinNBA

Adam is the recently appointed the Detroit Pistons to head up the franchise's NBA eLeague operations. Adam has been in and around eSports and online content production for several years now including work with

6. Brian Mazique

You can find Brian on Twitter @UniqueMazique

Brian is dialed in to the eSports world, specifically sports gaming, Madden, NBA2K, UFC etc. Brian produces content for and Mic News Network, he has already written some interesting NBA eLeague articles already and is clearly an influencer in the e-League and 2K space. Brian broke down his top 5 2K Pro-Am studs that scouts should be looking at here. You can find Brian's e-League articles here. 







You can find ESPN eSPORTS on Twitter @darinjk2 and @JacobNWolf 

ESPN are hungry for content and gradually over the early past of this decade, ESPN has been broadcasting eSports and the eLeague will be no different, the recognisable NBA teams are the perfect fit for ESPN. The two faces of eSports at ESPN are Jacob Wolf and Darin Kwilinski. 


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