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My name is Aaron Callaghan, I am an Electrical Engineer and also hold a bachelor of business management from Australia. 

NBA league commissioner Adam Silver, on ESPN announced the formation of the NBA 2K e-sports League with a tentative start date of 2018. I looked around the web and found people talking about the announcement yet no one dedicating themselves to covering the league in its entirety. My NBA 2K League blog will cover all teams, all players, I won't be 'reporting' anything, rather a more casual editorial approach to stories I and the NBA 2K community find interesting. 

I am an avid gamer, an avid hooper with not much skill in either pursuits, so have turned to writing, podcasting and esports as an outlet for my passions. 

You can catch me on PS4 - Billy_Hoyles45. Yes an ode to the great Billy Hoyle (read: I messed up entering my PSN name and got stuck with the 's' on the end, it's Billy Hoyle). You can also find me on the social links on this webpage.

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